Limits of Recollection

The present body of work is based upon these narratives I have recreated.  All of which I have photographed is true, although I cannot be certain.  Bits and pieces of my experiences have come together and the rest of the memories act as an internal narrative.  My stories change and shift as I have progressed through the series and even now I cannot say where one began and another ends.  For a memory can only exist in the way in which we choose to remember it.  

I invite the viewer to explore each image as a separate unit but to come back to the work as a whole to understand the interaction occurring in the work.  For instance, I want the viewer to wonder what is the meaning behind the melancholy mood?  The viewer should assess the clues given through the titles to create their own interpretation of the narratives.  Through the acts of viewing and interpreting are linked to the questions of memory and narration.  My experience through the series has been that people read these images in many different ways; some have been surprising to me.  I prefer this instead of giving the viewer the complete story behind each image.  Instead I invite the viewer to give them their own meaning.